Caboodle Ranch is a 30 acre 501c3 non-profit cat rescue sanctuary founded by a single individual who cared enough to make a difference in the lives of what are now hundreds of abandoned cats. 

This 64 year old man, armed only with a bag of cat food, was taken in by excessive force in early March with a gun held to his head and told at the time of arrest that he was being charged with a misdemeanor. His name is Craig Grant, and before even being given a chance to prove his innocence, he was branded an animal abuser and a hoarder, and his mugshot was plastered across newspapers, websites, and countless social media outlets across the country, by vultures seeking to make a sensation to raise support for their political agenda.

You’d think the ASPCA and PETA would want to help, right?

Keep reading if you want to know more. Click here to sign the petition to return the cats and Craig to Caboodle Ranch.


ASPCA and law enforcement raided Caboodle Ranch just after 9 in the morning when Craig was just beginning his chores for the day. Litterboxes were not just scooped, but emptied completely and continually refilled every morning. Craig was holding a bag of Purina when he was arrested. He was in the process of topping off the food bins. Wet food was given every day around 4pm. Water was constantly being refreshed throughout the day. Floors and counters were scrubbed daily. All these chores were just beginning when he was arrested, but that doesn’t matter because it made for perfect video just the way it was.  They trapped cats into the night. 

Craig tried his hardest, with the help and advice of a veterinarian, to treat every cat that was sick. He has many cases (with vet records to prove it) where he’s helped bring these sick cats back to perfect health, and he did it out of sheer determination and love. He spent countless nights hand-feeding cats that couldn’t eat for themselves, administered medications that were needed, and watched over these cats throughout the night because he didn’t want one to die as he slept.

Ask them who their poster cat is right now. It’s Tommy, Craig’s cat. He’s sick with FIP, had a lot of bloodwork done, had a feeding tube put in that went from his nose to his stomach and was receiving formula. Dr. Lewis, Caboodle’s veterinarian, was monitoring his health. Tommy had been posted about many times. Take a look back within the last 5+ Caboodle Ranch posts and read his story for yourself. $5000 was just spent on his care at a small hospital in Gainsville. He was starting to gain weight and had even started to eat sliced deli meat before he was taken.
His care at Caboodle Ranch is well documented. 


PETA knows how to be dramatic with their filming. Ask them why it took them 5 months to get the footage they have. If a place is deplorable, it shouldn’t take longer than a day to get the film evidence needed. But they know the conditions had to be just right… they’ve done this stuff before.

Some of the footage of Caboodle Ranch was taken after a massive downpour of rain swept through the county… the perfect conditons to film cats huddled inside buildings with dirty floors. And as a “volunteer, part of her job was cleaning… But better to film it instead.

Caboodle cats were not confined to these buildings. They had acres of land in which to roam freely. The property was filled with little cat houses, including a cat sized church, a school, a little courthouse… These weren’t for Craig to play in.

This PETA investigator chased a 3-legged cat to film it falling and sliding across the floor. For what purpose? This cat came to him that way, as so many other unwanted cats do. He came in from West Virginia, very scared, and it took 3 months for them to become friends. He’s a cat with a beautiful personality who was happy and at home at the ranch.

This PETA investigator filmed a refridgerator she knew wasn’t in use, and filmed the inside of a decrepid building that was boarded and closed off to cats. This building is still there on the property for anyone to tour and see for themselves.

But it all made for dramatic footage. Ask how many donations they received after posting it. Ask them how much more support they got for stopping the Animal Rescue Act they’re trying to oppose.

Craig is up against two huge organizations, one especially known for its bullying and deceitfullness. Please help him to defend himself by making a donation for his legal fees. The Paypal link can be found on Caboodle Ranch’s website.

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